2010 Projects – Update

Charity Division Report 2010

The charity division collected close to $20,000 for the second consecutive year due to the continued commitment and support of our AIP members. We have donated over $35,000 this year alone, an impressive achievement that we can all be proud off as members of AIP-Cincinnati.

Below is the list of charities we have supported from this years collection and balance from 2009. We sincerely thank you for supporting our campaign and making an investment in the future of our organization and community.

  1. Collaborated with Association for India’s Development (AID) and supported their grassroot activities of Samaj Parivartana Samudaya (SPS) in Haveri and Bellary districts in Karnataka. Total amount donated was $7,500. AIP has supported various projects spearheaded by AID over the last five years.
  2. Established 10 educational scholarships in high schools within Greater Cincinnati for students academically qualified and interested in pursuing a career in medicine or its allied fields. Each scholarship was worth $1000. Six were allocated to different Cincinnati Public Schools (Withrow, Walnut Hills, Schroder, Aiken and Taft), two to Fairfield High Schools and Two to Clermont County Schools. Total amount donated was $10,000.
  3. Marketed AIP by supporting National Public Radio (NPR) during their winter drive held in late January to get some regional visibility for AIP. We offered matching grants up to $1000 dollars and in return AIP’s name was frequently announced and publicized multiple times during the morning rush hour.
  4. We supported the March of Dimes ($1000) regional campaign to prevent premature deliveries and decrease morbidity related to preterm births in our city. Our organizations logo and banner were displayed at multiple places during their March for Babies event held in downtown Cincinnati. This was an event widely attended by City and State legislators.
  5. We were a part of the Kidney Foundation of greater Cincinnati walk ($1000) and supported their cause to slow kidney disease by prevention education focused on early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Our organizations logo was printed on the T-shirts distributed on the day of the walk. Many AIP members and their families took part in this popular walk.
  6. We supported the local United Way campaign particularly through their collaboration with Great Oaks Health Professions Academy to provide and facilitate career pathways within the healthcare system. Donated $5000 towards establishing scholarships for the State Tested Nursing Assistant/Patient Care Assistant programs and scholarships for the Health Unit Coordinator Program within our city.
  7. We contributed $5000 towards adopting a village in India to provide Community Based Water Treatment Systems (CBWTS) by collaborating with AAPI Charitable Foundation (Main National AAPI –Charity Division). This money will facilitate the installation, operation and maintenance of these CBWTS in one village of our choice. This will provide WHO recommended water quality to villagers at a very inexpensive rate of 20-25 paise per litre which will be used primarily for maintenance of CBWTS.
  8. To educate and share the traditions and culture of India with our city schools, we collaborated with Indian American Education Foundation (IAEF) and bought 77 copies of the recent edition of ‘India Unveiled School Book Edition’ and distributed one copy each to all the Cincinnati public high schools (32 copies), all Cincinnati middle schools (17 copies) and to all Cincinnati public libraries (28 copies). Each copy acknowledges the donation from AIP-Cincinnati and brings awareness of our organization within our community. Total donated was $1,925.
  9. Supported a non profit organization called Iswar (ishwar-ngo.org) in India which promotes education to ‘construction workers’ children in major urban areas. They try to integrate these children into main stream schools in the region. This year alone they admitted 70 children into government run schools. Our donation of $2000 provides funding for teachers, mid day meals, books, stationary and clothes.

The charity division takes this opportunity to invite our members to get involved and contribute generously. We are always looking out for new ideas and welcome suggestions from our members to take this charity division to the next level. We also want members to volunteer and serve on the charity division committee as we believe that a large heard can accomplish much more than a few individuals.

Please contact any of the current charity division members for additional information.

Vivek, Ravi, Sharad and Renu.


For more information about SPS related work please visit



Finally, the charity committee as always is inviting ideas and suggestions for our future projects from AIP members. Feel free to contact any of the charity committee members to discuss your ideas.