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Who We Are

Association of Indian Physicians (AIP) Cincinnati is an organization of almost 500 members who are Indian American physicians in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. This is a multispecialty association comprising of Internists, Gastroenterologists, Cardiologists, Ob-Gyn, Pediatricians, Neurologists, Surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists, Endocrinologists, Pulmonologists, Psychiatrists, dentists and all other medical and/or surgical specialties.
AIP was founded in 1987 by a small number of physicians of Indian origin, and has since grown considerably. The initial membership of a handful of doctors has swelled to approximately 450 as of October 2009. It continues to flourish with influx of new physicians to Greater Cincinnati area every year.
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Mission and Vision

To bring together physicians, dentists, medical students and residents of Indian origin residing in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area to excel in patient care, teaching and research, and to provide a platform for professional unity, personal friendships, social outlet for families, cultural bonding, educational opportunities and a sense of being a part of community. AIP also hopes to make a difference in the local community and elsewhere by making financial and charitable contributions.

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