AIP Charitable Activities Division

Association of Indian Physicians: Charitable Activities Division

The Charitable Activities Division is a part of the Association of Indian Physicians (AIP) in Cincinnati, Ohio and was established in 2006. It was created to grow and develop the organization’s charitable activities both within the city of Cincinnati and in India. It is recognized as a non-profit division and approved under the IRS sec 501(3)c. It is administered and monitored by an independent committee distinct from the executive committee of AIP. Members of the charity committee are all long standing members of AIP Cincinnati.

Since its inception, the division has raised over $40,000 dollars directly from its members. The goal is to identify and fund deserving organizations both within the greater Cincinnati area and in India. Organizations that are non-religious, non-regional and non-political are given priority. In addition, it facilitates AIP members participate in altruistic activities directly whenever feasible. There are no administrative costs and 100% of the donations reach the poor and needy. The programs targeted so far include: disaster relief, educational scholarships, economic programs to help the poor within the city and larger social programs aimed at alleviating disease and poverty in India. Funding for most of the projects in India was channeled through the Association of India’s Development (AID), a non-profit organization run by students of Indian origin who are studying in various universities across the United States


Projects funded in 2009
1. Association of India’s Development (AID): $5000 towards afforestation projects in India
2. Hand in Hand USA: $1000 for building houses for orphans in India
3. Sewa International USA: $ 4000 towards flood relief in Southern India
4. United Way of Greater Cincinnati: $2500 to fund socio-economic projects within city of Cincinnati
5. Cincinnati Public School Scholarships: $3000 (3 scholarships each worth $1000)
6. Elmwood Firefighters Association: $1000 to buy needed equipment
7. Thirty car seats worth $1000 for inner city mothers delivering at University Hospital
8. Poor feeding at Drop Inn Center in downtown Cincinnati: $1500 (on two occasions -food was cooked and served my AIP members and their children)


Donating to AIP Charitable Foundation

Use the PayPal secure online account on the AIP website: How can you participate