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American Indian Physicians make Direct Investment in Project LIFT

In an effort to benefit the citizens of Cincinnati facing financial difficulty during the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Indian Physicians (AIP) came together and made a large donation intended to put cash in the hands of those who can utilize it most.

In June, Dr. Arsh Tindni, President of Greater Cincinnati’s AIP, provided a check allotting 15,000 dollars to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati earmarked for Project LIFT. Project LIFT is a public-private partnership effort to help families thrive through five key strategies including employment, flexible service coordination, transportation solutions, wrap-around funding, community outreach, and engagement.

“The American Indian Physicians of Cincinnati wanted to give back to the community in a quick, meaningful way,” said Dr. Tindi. “We have seen our communities struggling through tough times and wanted to help immediately. Lots of our physicians are on the front lines and know the city is going through a rough patch. Project LIFT is a great initiative to help families, especially those with kids, navigate financial difficulties that impact quality of life.”

Project LIFT, which began in 2019, emerged out of the Child Poverty Collaborative, an initiative spearheaded by Mayor John Cranley to lead more families into self-sufficiency. While work amongst collaborative members continues to analyze systems that perpetuate the cycle of poverty, the Project LIFT initiative specifically ensures direct cash assistance flows through agencies to promptly help people in ways other governmental services traditionally have not.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the city in unprecedented ways as unemployment reached its highest number and city tax revenues fell to their lowest,” said Mayor Cranley. “While the City of Cincinnati passed a budget that ultimately prioritizes Human Services, we know our nonprofit organizations and families will need more assistance to get through this crisis. This is the time where all hands-on deck is imperative to take care of each other and the AIP understands that need.”

Before the pandemic, Project LIFT was already deploying funds to agency partners to support the removal of barriers to stability. As COVID-19 continues to spread and economic uncertainty remains, having a program of this magnitude is making a proven difference for families in need.

“Project LIFT has quickly become a key path to helping Greater Cincinnati residents work their way out of poverty, with promising early results,” said Moira Weir, President and CEO of United Way of Greater Cincinnati. “We appreciate the faith and commitment of the American Indian Physicians group. The donation provides a needed hand up and support as families devise their strategy for positive progress.”

“The Child Poverty Collaborative is deeply grateful to the American Indian Physicians for their generous donation to Project LIFT,” said Sister Sally Duffy, Chair of the Child Poverty Collaborative. “AIP is benefitting families in Cincinnati who are currently facing extreme difficulties and challenges related to loss of income. These pre-COVID-19 working families identified the help they need such as rental or utility assistance or a car repair that is critical in helping maintain and sustain employment. These families were on a measurable pathway out of poverty before the pandemic. With the help of AIP, working families can continue their journey to moving out of poverty and thriving. Thank you in particular to the physicians who helped raise these caring and thoughtful donations: Arshdeep Tindni MD (President AIP), Mohanjit Brar MD (Past President AIP), Sulbha Midha DDS (Secretary AIP), and Shyam Allamaneni MD (Treasurer AIP).”

Donations can continue to be made to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and designated for Project LIFT.

AIP Helps Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority to Fight COVID 19
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You probably have not heard of the Association of Indian Physicians so let us introduce you to our newest partner. The Association of Indian Physicians, or AIP, is a national organization with offices in major cities across the country. The association brings together physicians, dentists, medical students and residents to provide a platform for unity. AIP strives to make a difference in each of the communities where associations are located. The Cincinnati Chapter is led by Dr. Arshdeep Tindni a renowed Nephrologist (kidney doctor) and President of Nephrology Associates of Greater Cincinnati (NAGC). AIP of Cincinnati is a non-profit organization made up of 150 doctors that helps local families in need. The group also answers the call for help when national disasters take place.

The pandemic we are all facing has heavily impacted the country and AIP of Cincinnati decided to dedicate its efforts where the need was greatest in our area. Dr. Tindni said, “We (Cincinnati) did an amazing job shutting down when we did because the spread was not that fast compared to other major cities. We have learned that prevention is more important than cure because cure is so expensive.” The organization chose to educate the public about the best defense against the disease and they also developed a COVID-19 fund. AIP of Cincinnati met with the Mayor’s office and learned of three pathways where it could be of service to the community. Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority was one of those pathways and so the partnership began.

Children are the most asymptomatic carriers and they can unknowingly bring the disease home to their families. Since there has been a huge push to provide masks for adults and seniors, AIP of Cincinnati is focused on providing masks for children. The organization is donating $4000 to Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority for the purchase of children’s masks. They are also providing pamphlets that remind families how simply wearing a mask prevents the spread of the disease. Dr. Tindni wants everyone to know, “We as a community should stand together and there should not be any differences. This virus is making us stronger and preparing us for any future pandemics. We should stand together and stay strong.”

Thank you and update from Maureen at Freestore Foodbank

Thank you and your colleagues with the Association of Indian Physicians for the recent donation to Freestore Foodbank. I appreciate the work that you did to make this gift possible and thank you so much for supporting so many families in need. You may not know this, but for every $1 donated we can provide 3 meals. So AIP’s donation provided 15,000 meals to people right here in the tristate.

As important members of Freestore Foodbank’s family, know that your support during the COVID-19 pandemic has:

· Already provided nearly 61,000 emergency food boxes to thousands of local families who have seen businesses shut down or layoffs, or who are facing a particularly difficult time. Thanks to you, we’ll continue to be here for families that need us. Of the families we’ve served at our large-scale distributions, 76% told us this is the first time they’ve received food from us.

Meet Robert and his dog, Rocco (far right picture), who attended one of our food distributions in May. Robert, who lives in Forest Park, hasn’t been able to work for two months in his job as a barber. We loaded two emergency food boxes into his car trunk, one for him and one for his mother who cannot go out and has another family member living with her.

“Thanks for this food,” said Robert. “Having been out of work and disabled, this is such a blessing to all of us in this time.”

· Your commitment gives Power Packs to children as 70 of our 107 Power Pack partners continue to reach children through alternative

distribution even though school buildings are closed.

· Your donation provides food to our 500+ agency partners (pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and social service agencies), so they can restock their shelves, as overall food demand is up 50%.

· Our President and CEO, Kurt Reiber, and First Lieutenant Zachary Cook of the Ohio National Guard, were interviewed on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition. Click here to listen to the April 28 program.

Simply put, you are the power behind our work. Since our thousands of volunteers can’t safely work with us during this time, you stand alongside National Guard members as they pack food. You answer calls from people who have never needed our services before. You ride school buses to deliver Power Packs to children’s neighborhoods.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission. You make it possible for us to provide hope for tomorrow as we provide food for today.

Association of Indian Physicians: Charitable Activities Division
The Charitable Activities Division is a part of the Association of Indian Physicians (AIP) in Cincinnati, Ohio and was established in 2006. It was created to grow and develop the organization’s charitable activities both within the city of Cincinnati and in India. It is recognized as a non-profit division and approved under the IRS sec 501(3)c. It is administered and monitored by an independent committee distinct from the executive committee of AIP. Members of the charity committee are all long standing members of AIP Cincinnati.
Since its inception, the division has raised over $40,000 dollars directly from its members. The goal is to identify and fund deserving organizations both within the greater Cincinnati area and in India. Organizations that are non-religious, non-regional and non-political are given priority. In addition, it facilitates AIP members participate in altruistic activities directly whenever feasible. There are no administrative costs and 100% of the donations reach the poor and needy. The programs targeted so far include: disaster relief, educational scholarships, economic programs to help the poor within the city and larger social programs aimed at alleviating disease and poverty in India. Funding for most of the projects in India was channeled through the Association of India’s Development (AID), a non-profit organization run by students of Indian origin who are studying in various universities across the United States
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